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'Bouldering makes you happy' is the modest slogan that belongs to boulder gym chain 9 degrees. Its simple message is about more than just good climbing; it alludes to the many ways that bouldering brings a little joy into the lives of those that visit.

For 9 degrees Bouldering.
Filmed at the four Sydney locations: Alexandria, Lane Cove, Waterloo, Parramatta.

One of Australia's fastest-growing sports, bouldering, is a form of indoor rock climbing that has exploded over the last 7 years. Amongst the options available, one of the largest chains in the country is 9 degrees, with locations across NSW and QLD and new people discovering the sport through its facilities weekly. As far as 'happiness' is concerned, physical activity is scientifically proven to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing, but bouldering seems to have something more of a far-reaching effect on its ever-growing group of passionate participants.

9 degrees asked us to make a video that advertised the number of gyms they had available in Sydney (four) for the membership price of one. With some history with the gym and a lot of love for the company, we had a peachy time coming up with our campaign, which began by writing up a lengthy list of "moments of joy" that one might experience at the bouldering gyms. We drew from personal experience, anecdotes from people around us, and echoes we'd heard in the gyms. With a notebook full of small wins, we selected a variety to show off the different features and strengths that each gym embodies and began writing our scenes.

Drawing from the gym's slogan, we arrived at "4 Times the Happiness" — a project that would highlight the various forms of joy that the gym offers, not only as a solo sport but also to feature the welcoming environment that they have fostered as a space for social activity.

The goal was to not only show off the number of facilities available to its members in Sydney, but also to delve into what makes it such a compelling activity for such a diverse range of people. Also, we wanted to emphasise how bouldering can make you truly happy and, for newcomers, could be something truly enchanting to be a part of.

This project was unique for us as 9 degrees gave us more creative freedom and control than we've ever had before. We got the opportunity to test the boundaries of our abilities and play with ideas that we usually might not have had the space to explore, and we're thankful for 9 degrees' cooperation as we're proud of the end result that we have made — something that captures some genuine moments of joy.

WORDS:  Wendy Lee
PRODUCTION:  Jungle House Creative
DIRECTOR:  Wendy Lee
DOP:  Tom Gilligan
EDITOR:  Wendy Lee

3 X 30s video teasers 
1 X 1min full length video

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