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This is Jungle House.


Celebrating good stories.


We are a video production company based in Sydney, focusing on sharing the good that businesses can do.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Jungle House is the moniker of Director stroke Editor, Wendy Lee -  and Co-Director and Director of Photography, Tom Gilligan - lovingly taking projects from the seed of an idea all the way to the moment that they're ready to fly the nest. 

We're a directing duo
looking to make positive

We wanted to put our skills towards something that felt more meaningful, and so we both started Jungle House with the intention of creating more of the kind of work we want to see: working with purpose for purpose.

We want the most beautiful and engaging stories to also be the ones worth telling, bringing into focus the businesses and individuals who are working to raise the bar, not just profit, whether it be in the environment, in their industry, in the lives of others, or otherwise pushing for positive change.


If you're working towards a better future, then we want to be working with you. Let's point the spotlight at what makes your business better.


Tom is a DoP with a background in freelance TV camera crewing and video production. After six years of working as a cog in the machine to churn out often passionless content, he sought a more creative and less repetitive path forward. He co-founded Jungle House to tell stories that he believed in and that had the capacity to create good change.


Wendy is an editor who has done freelance video work on TVC, digital content, and music videos. Feeling unfulfilled by the lack of value that the videos were outputting and feeling often uninspired by the quality coming across her desk, she knew that Jungle House could produce quality, meaningful work that contributed to something better.

Brands We've Worked With

Multiple projects

9 degrees
4 times the happiness

Legal Aid NSW
Celebrating 25 years of CCAS

Multiple projects

41 Light
Thambar with a Twist

Harris Farm Markets                         
The Gourmet Potato: Launch + Neil Perry Recipes

Jubilee St Management
'Jali' by Oliver Twist: Live Performance 

Scentre Group
Westfield Local Heroes: Hurstville 2018

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