what we're about.

As far as we see it, the world's got big problems -

so here are our big plans.

At Jungle House, we produce video content, and want to make some change. Where a carpenter has their hammer, and an engineer has their pocket calculator, what we have is a camera and a feeling that the world we wish to grow old in, might not be the world that we're heading for. 

As we see it, there's not much point living your life slowly, hoping for someone else to do the work for you, that if the videos we want to see aren't out there, then we're the ones who should make them. We love sharing the good that many businesses are doing for the world, and celebrating those who are raising the bar - whether it be in the environment, in their industry, the lives of others, or otherwise pushing for positive change.

The only way we're going to have a world we're proud of is if we start moving towards it now. If you're working towards a better future, then we want to be working with you.

Let's point the spotlight at what makes your business better.

Let's celebrate good stories.

Tom & Wendy


W e ' r e   s y d n e y   l o c a l s ,   p r o d u c i n g   s h o r t - f o r m   v i d e o s   i n   a   d o c u m e n t a r y   s t y l e , 

b u i l d i n g   f r o m   t h e   g r o u n d   u p   a   s t o r y   t h a t   e n c a p s u l a t e s   y o u r   m i s s i o n ,   a n d   w h a t

m a k e s   y o u r   b u s i n e s s    g o o d .   w e   u s e   o u r   b a c k g r o u n d   i n   t h e   t v / v i d e o  i n d u s t r y    t o 

q u i c k l y   a n d   b e a u t i f u l l y   p r o d u c e   y o u r   b r a n d e d   f i l m ,   r e g a r d l e s s   o f   y o u r 

e x p e r i e n c e   w i t h   v i d e o   c o n t e n t .

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JH_Branding_v2_020620 copy-01.png

B R A N D S   W E ' V E  W o r k e d  w i t h  -


' T H A M B A R   W I T H   A   T W I S T '

JH_Branding_v2_020620 copy-01.png

Some nice words -


Jungle House Creative are generous, passionate creatives, who are the best at what they do. While working with them, I was blown away by their technical prowess and their selfless, collaborative approach to making creative work. They understood the vision and the tone of what we were trying to make, innovating within those parameters to create something we were incredibly proud of.


Tom and Wendy care, a lot. There is no safer team to trust with the

creative direction of your next project.

Rowan Thambar, 41LIGHT

It's easy to work with us.

We're here to realise your story, and make the whole process silky smooth. We'll start from the very beginning to create content that engages and communicates all the good that you do.

Let's celebrate the good.