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Transparent. Sustainable. Ethical. Timeless. Pairs well with velcro shoes.
Would you want your child to be caught wearing anything less?

For Francis River.
Filmed on the Northern Beaches, NSW.

Slow fashion is the wave that's building to carry the next generation of clothing into a better tomorrow.

n July 2022, we got an email through our website asking if we could make a video for a sustainable and ethical children's wear label that was launching under the name Francis River. She wanted the video to focus on the why of the brand and the educational side of what she was doing: the importance of transparency in the industry, the value of slow fashion, and the tendency of our 'influencer-age' society to always want something new and trendy.

That was the first of many times that we spoke to Amy Jolly. 

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Ethically made and using only deadstock fabrics, Francis River is designing minimalist children's wear that bypasses trends and works as a staple in any child's wardrobe.

Through chatting with Amy, we've got to know the driven and passionate woman behind Francis River and how she worked through the worlds of luxury and fast fashion to come out on the other side, needing to make a change. Researching the impacts of the fashion industry makes for sober reading, and throughout the process of making the video, we've reflected on and changed our own mindsets towards the lifecycle of our clothes.

So much goes into the items that we wear. If you imagine how many pairs of hands our garments go through before they reach ours: from creating the fabric, designing it, sewing it, and shipping it, you might think twice about indulging in that impulse purchase, only to realise you didn't really need it. If you also consider the toll it takes on the environment to create textiles in mass production, you would think twice more.

Clothing is something to be valued, not thoughtlessly bought or thrown away.

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Our aim on this project was to again try to push ourselves: to experiment with new things visually, field-test our short-form doco style, and share the brand story as authentically and as effectively as possible. We got to experience first-hand why it's called slow fashion — seeing in real-time the challenges of small batch production — making this video one of our longer-running projects, from the first email to final delivery. Through it all, Amy was amazing to work with. She was more than up for any of our ideas, and we're so grateful to have a collaborator who was just as passionate about making something quality and meaningful.

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"92 million tonnes of textile waste goes into landfill every year. This is the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothing ending up in landfill every second."


Projects like this are why we love to do what we do. It's been a pleasure to work with Amy, someone whose aspirations, ambitions, and reflections have so often felt like they could have come out of our own mouths. It's always motivating to find another person who believes that if a solution can be found, then there's no better person to try and make that difference than themselves, and there's no better time to start than ASAP. At this point, we're Francis River cheerleaders, and we're happy to have that role.

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WORDS:  Tom Gilligan
PRODUCTION:  Jungle House Creative
DOP:  Tom Gilligan
EDITOR:  Wendy Lee

1 X 6m full length video
2 X 30s teasers 

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