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Project: Ongoing branding videos for propper property management

Property Management, Done propperly.

Passionate about real estate and disappointed with the standard of property managers, Ash Frenken started propper to show everyone how it can be done better.

Last updated: 23rd November 2022   |   2 min read

For propper.
Filmed in Sydney.

The property market is the largest source of individual wealth in Australia, and more and more people are finding themselves intimately invested in the highs and lows, the interest rate forecasts, and the trials of property ownership and being your own landlord.

Ash Frenken and Jordan Minos experienced this firsthand and became frustrated with unhelpful and expensive property managers. Seeing that they weren't the only ones with this problem, they created propper to address it.

Our relationship with propper began in 2018 and has been an ongoing partnership through the growth of both of our businesses. Be it internal or customer-facing content, we've found ourselves creating every form of property-related video possible, from testimonials to in-depth market analysis, about videos, instructional tutorials, walkthroughs, and general branding. Working with Ash and propper has allowed us to experiment with and develop our fundamental video-creation skills alongside a supportive and familiar team.

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 5.07.28 pm.png

While we no longer pursue corporate video and have grown in our capabilities, propper will continue to be a client that we happily receive calls from. They have a special place in our history and will always be a great friend to what we do.

Words: Tom Gilligan
Production: Jungle House Creative
DoP: Tom Gilligan
Editor: Wendy Lee

8 x 45s-90s branding videos
3 x 1min-2min instructional videos
2 x 1min testimonial videos
10 x 1min-4min market update videos

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