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Project: 'Thambar with a Twist' - a Rooftop Interview

A Sincere Conversation Between Friends.

"Where I feel like I made this mixtape from, is from where I'd rather be, emotionally."

Last updated: 23rd November 2022   |   2 min read

For Rowan Thambar/41Light/Oliver Twist
Filmed in Erskineville.

The creative business can take its toll, but nothing is quite as gruelling as a career in stand-up. Add onto this a livelihood threatening pandemic and it's a recipe for some deep introspection.

Thambar with a Twist is an incredibly intimate and revealing discussion of mental health, career, personal life, and existential doubt all packaged inside of an album deep dive with hilarious musical interludes. It's a very interesting format, and orbits around the enthralling conversation between two good friends, comedian (and musician) Rowan Thambar, and fellow comedian Oliver Twist.

It's not usually the norm that 'friend' and 'client' can be used interchangeably for a project, but it sure is a pleasure when it does happen. Oliver Twist came to us and explained the idea that his good mate Rowan had for an interesting interview; a promo video and deep-dive into the music concept album he was releasing, and that he/they would love it if we could film it. So fast forward a couple of weeks, and we find ourselves lugging equipment around on top of a Japanese restaurant in Erskineville on a 35 degree day to film an hour of beautiful, hilarious, and heartfelt conversation between two good friends.

We consider ourselves lucky to have had this experience filming these two guys and that we got invited to share such an incredibly nuanced and funny work of music-stroke-comedy while hearing the thoughts behind it. We'd be lying if we didn't say that we would consider Rowan and Oli amongst our personal friends, and if our business is sharing good stories, we're pretty quick to classify this as one of them.

Words: Tom Gilligan
Production: Jungle House & 41Light
Producer (41Light): Rowan Thambar

DoP: Tom Gilligan
Second Camera: Tristan Casin

Editor: Wendy Lee

7 x 1min-10min segments
1 x 60min full-length video

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