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Project: Introducing 'The Gourmet Potato' to the shelves.

From Nature's Best, Comes Nature's Best.

From spud to stud, we captured the journey of these especially delicious potatoes, from regenerative farming practises to the shelves of Harris Farm Markets.

Last updated: 23rd November 2022   |   3 min read

For Harris Farm Markets.
Filmed in the Southern Highlands, NSW.

Getting something really special out of the ground doesn't always just start with the plant; it starts with the dirt around it.

The concept of regenerative agriculture is not a new one, but when Harris Farm approached us to film a campaign for a new line of potatoes they'll be stocking, it was foremost in their minds.

Situated in the ideal climate of the Southern Highlands of NSW, The Gourmet Potato leverages the high quality soil and farming methods at the Hill Family Farm to grow their varieties of "restaurant-level" spuds, and the story of farm-to-shelf was really the focal point of our whole series.

The potato was the star, and we captured its entire journey, focusing on the visuals and sound design to tell our story of what is arguably one of the finest potatoes you can poke a fork at.

"21 out of 20 the best potatoes in Australia."

Neil Perry, Margaret Restaurant

This project was a delight as it took us from the tranquil scenery of the Southern Highlands all the way to chef Neil Perry's kitchen as we filmed four recipes with four of the varieties of potatoes that they offer. Without any voiceover, it gave us a lot more freedom to edit in a different way; to let the shots work together and quietly tell the story of the potato from beginning to end.

We were asked to create short trailers for the potato to be released on Harris Farm's social media as well as recipe videos for their online recipe feature. These shorts were to highlight the farm-to-shelf nature of the journey and the hands-on approach that the Hill family has. These are real people, carefully crafting a quality product, farming without a focus on rapid growth but rather on the premise that from nature's best and healthiest soils, will come nature's best produce.

Words: Wendy Lee
Production: Jungle House Creative
Producer (Harris Farm): Steph Timp

DoP: Tom Gilligan
Editor: Wendy Lee

8 x 15s-30s video teasers
1 x 45s full-length video
4 x 3min-5min recipe videos

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